Music Meets TC222

What if you could bring the thrill and excitement of motorsport and motorcycle riding with you wherever you go, whenever you want?
With Braaper, you can do exactly that: BRAAPER speaker system combines the freedom, fun and unadulterated adrenaline of MotorSports with state-of-the-art speaker technology for a truly awesome, truly mobile music experience.

Antonio Cairoli TC222, nine times Motocross World Champion
Picture: S. Taglioni

Rock & Ride with BRAAPER

The amazing Braaper Pipe Speaker Concept

At Braaper, we have a passion for two things: music and moto. So we set out on a mission to create a speaker system that captures the motorsport lifestyle, while bringing the state-of-the-art audio technology that 21st-century music fanatics demand of their speaker systems at the same time. The result: Braaper, the Pipe That Plays Music and More!

What are the Main Features?

Braaper is a Portable, Bluetooth Speaker that connects to your phone or music player, allowing you to play music wirelessly.

  • Italian Design to resemble a competition motorbike exhaust system
  • Plays Everything – Music, Video, Games, Movies..
  • Mounts Anywhere using GOPRO Mounts
  • Use the Braaper as a Speakerphone
  • Engine Sound Effects
  • Twin Power – Connect two Braaper for twice the sound
  • Water resistant IPX6*
  • Dirt, Snow, and Shock proof using specific covers
  • Power: 5w or 10W in twin mode (two Braaper connected wireless)
  • Size: 7,5cm x 9cm x 8,5cm  (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 245 g

Adapter for Braaper, Mount Anywhere!

When we say mobile, we mean mobile: wherever you go, you can take Braaper with you

With the specific Adapater Braaper works with GoPro action camera mounts, so you can mount Braaper in your car, on your bike, on a boat — anywhere!

View the Gallery for usage examples.

Braaper vista laterale

This Is One Amazing Motorsport Inspired Wireless Speaker

True wireless and portable, water resistant, rugged, with built-in speaker phone capability

Twin Speaker Function

Connect a second BRAAPER to enjoy Stereo, or Double the sound

Water Resistant IPX6*

BRAAPER is water resistant with IPX6

Connect it to Any Smartphone

Braaper is a Portable, Bluetooth Speaker that connects to your phone or music player, allowing you to play music wirelessly.


The music and friends you love. On the go.

Music, friends and moto go together like harmony and melody. With Braaper, it’s never easier to crank the tunes that are the perfect soundtrack to the perfect ride. Braaper brings the music to life in big, beautiful, high fidelity sound.


Mounts & Accessories

Get more out of your Braaper with a range of accessories – from protective covers to mounts. Accessorize your Braaper.

TIREX Protective Cover

€22 – €18

View details

Action Cam Mounts Adapter

€12 – €9,9

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Handlebar / Pole / Mount

€19,5 – €15,9
(include the Mount Adapter)

View details

What’s in the Box


BRAAPER is available, get it now online!

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The Motorsport lifestyle is all about being on the go, so we wanted our speakers to be built for maximum mobility. Whether you’re at home, in the office, off to the beach or riding your bike, Braaper goes wherever you go.

N.B. The pictures show the BRAAPER 1.0 old version

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Braaper featured on MotorSports, Financial, Technology and Lifestyle press.

*Braaper is WATER RESISTANT IPX6 splashproof, rainproof. Using specific covers it is also dustproof  and sandproof; outdoor shower speaker, perfect for bike, scooters, motorbike, the beach, poolside, car, boat & golf cart — IPX6  rating speaker can resist gentle water spray & splash. Braaper  should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth.
**GoPro is a trademark register by GoPro, Inc. , U.S.A.