• Action Cam Mounts Adapter

    7,50 IVA inclusa
    Action Mount Universal Conversion Adapter for GoPro and Action Cam Mounts, w/camera Screw (1/4-Inch 20). This Simple Adapter works also with Point-and-Shoot Cameras, or Other Action Cameras Like Sony Action Cam.  
  • BRAAPER Twins MX Style

    120,00 IVA inclusa

    The Braaper Twins MX Racing Edition- 10% discount on unit price!

    Connect two Braaper speakers over Bluetooth (without cables) to twice the sound and listen real stereo music.

    The MX Racing Edition is the flagship of the Braaper line. Braaper MX Style speakers are made of ABS with aluminum and carbon fiber look finishing, completed by a real fine metal front wrap band, fixed with aluminum screws!